What are aviation wheel chocks?

What are aviation wheel chocks?

Aircraft wheel chocks are arguably the most important piece of aircraft ground equipment. Aviation wheel chocks are placed just in front and behind the aircraft wheels. A simple, yet effective, solution to preventing unwanted movement of aircrafts during ground operations or maintenance. Aircraft chocks avoid catastrophic events and reduce occupational health and safety hazards.

Aircraft chocks can be used in:

  • Civil Aviation
  • Commercial Aviation
  • Military aircraft operations

Polyurethane aviation aircraft wheel chocks in use

What are aircraft wheel chocks made of?

Wheel chocks for aircrafts were originally constructed from, wood, steel, and aluminium. However, the aviation industry is expanding, and aircraft chocking procedures are more stringent. Aircraft owners and operators search for lightweight affordable alternatives, such as National Plastics & Rubber’s AerochockTM

The AerochockTM is a lightweight aircraft wheel chock manufactured from slip-resistant, durable polyurethane. These airplane chocks are suitable for narrow and wide body aircrafts, resistant to fuels, oils, and chemicals, and meet aircraft chocking specifications.

Rubber wheel chocks and plastic wheel chocks don’t compare to our polyurethane AerochockTM. Polyurethane is lightweight, fire and heat resistant – don’t risk workplace injuries with heavy equipment!

Aircraft chocking requirements

When choosing reliable aeroplane wheel chocks, certain aircraft chock specifications, ground operations regulations and compliance must be met. Importantly, internationally recognised, FOD requirements.


Foreign object debris, or foreign object damage refers to objects alien to an aircraft in an inappropriate location that may cause damage. Even small objects, like a coin, nut or bolt can pose a FOD threat.

To ensure the safety of all employees, personal, and aircraft passengers FOD must be prevented – a major workplace health and safety consideration.

Good news, AerochockTM is FOD free! Our aviation lightweight chocks have no bolts or pads that can work loose.

National Plastics & Rubber understands the importance of ease of use in the aviation industry. Our AerochockTM’s have a rope handle and lanyard, making it easy to pick up and place the wheel chock around the tarmac.

Aerochock 25 - Polyurethane aircraft wheel chocks

What size wheel chocks do I need?

National Plastics & Rubber supply Airbus wheel chocks, Boeing wheel chocks, and Fokker wheel chocks.

View our AerochockTM sizes to find out which AerochockTM polyurethane wheel chock is best suited to your aircraft type.

National Plastics & Rubber also manufacture a wide range of vehicle wheel chocks, and truck wheel chocks – browse our range of wheel chock products.

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