Partnership with Resonate MP4 (XOPS)

Partnership with Resonate MP4 (XOPS)

National Plastics & Rubber (NPR) are a proud manufacturer and global supplier of AerochockTM - lightweight aviation wheel chocks.

In early 2020, NPR partnered with Resonate MP4 (XOPS) to supply Heathrow Airport Limited with over 1,000 units of AerochockTM wheel chocks covering all 200 Heathrow (LHR) aircraft stands.

NPR were privileged to work with Resonate. Leveraging their current relationships with the aviation industry and local knowledge, AerochockTM trials soon commenced at LHR. Once the required testing and trials were undergone, Resonate project managed the partnership, by liaising with airlines, airport authority and NPR to complete the AerochockTM rollout.

Utilising our unique product design technologies and manufacturing abilities, NPR manufactured the AerochockTMs and sent them directly to LHR.

Ground handling staff at LHR were very supportive of the introduction of the AerochockTM as the aircraft chocks provided many operating advantages and met all the required specifications:

  • FOD free
  • WHS requirements
  • Lightweight and Durable construction
  • “Tracking” option to deter theft and misuse
  • Airbus and Boeing specification (SAE) tests

Since deployment by Resonate, AerochockTMs have been successfully used by all airlines and ground handlers at LHR, including Menzies, DNATA and QANTAS.

“After a period of extended testing and planning, Heathrow Airport Limited, with the support of the airline and ground handling community at LHR Airport, deployed over 1,000 units of Aerochock across all its 200 stands as part of a wider GSE pooling initiative. The units have now been successfully deployed for over 1 year” (David - Resonate)

NPR are constantly seeking new opportunities to support airports across the globe with AerochockTM. We hope to expand to new regions, and look forward to working with you to revolutionise your fleet of aircraft wheel chocks.

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